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Skin Nourishment

This weeks food love post is about skin nourishment. Are you getting the right amount of water in your body? Our hair, skin, & nails can be a direct reflection of how much water we intake. Are your hair, skin, and nails suffering? If your lips are constantly chapped, nails always brittle, skin peeling or dry, or hair breaking off, yes, it could mean that its a by-product of the cooler whether we are having, a deeper health issue, or you may just need to consume more water and BETTER water. Some studies say that we are to consume half our body weight of water within a day. Others say eight cups of water a day. Do you get enough water? Well, the truth is that every body/human is different and so our water intake requirement can be different. It can also depend on if you are male or female, active or not, and/or your age, among other components.

Here is what I tell people: All water sources count, so drink your water and EAT your water. Many fruits and veggies contain water and most people forget to count that as water consumption >>> but it is! Also, this is common sense but I am still going to mention it ... if you are thirsty, just go ahead and get some water. Don't reach for a soda or for a sugary drink. Surrender, and drink the water and you will find that your thirst will be quenched faster and that you will feel more refreshed. You may even get a dose of energy! If you are someone who rarely drinks water, your body will most assuredly reward you in some way!

Furthermore, I recommend Alkaline Water. My favorite brands are Evamor - www.evamor.com/ and Essentia - www.essentiawater.com/ but there are many other great alkaline waters on the market! I've seen alkaline water in most local markets and convenience stores these days but if you can't find it, you can ask the store manager or you can just make the trip to your nearest health food store, they will have it and it will be worth it! I will talk more on nourishment soon enough >>> until then, take care.

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