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There is an old ancient proverb that says "when the student is ready the teacher will appear". I believe this with my whole heart. We come to certain things when we are open an ready to receive them. I live a completely compassionate, plant-based lifestyle. I eat vegan and I live vegan as well. This means that I try to live as compassionately as possible to cause as less suffering as I can on this Earth to ALL beings. I haven't always lived this way, but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! This also means that I don't judge others for their choices. I don't like being judged so I strive to not judge others. YOU ARE IN A SAFE ZONE. Everything is confidential and you can feel free to be yourself. Idiosyncrasies are encouraged here!

I have completed a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree and several credits towards my Doctorate. My background is in Psychology, Counseling, Human Services, and Theater. I love all beings but my background has been in advocating for the disabled, disadvantaged, elderly, children, women, and animals.


Now, I help people to live a more positive, compassionate, and fulfilled life. My services are for anyone who is looking for the "more" in life. If you've tried this or that but still feel like something is missing, then this is for you! I felt that way in the past but once I tapped into my compassionate side, it changed everything. People find compassion in many ways. There are many facets to the lifestyle but once you get in a groove and you begin to live more compassionately, you'll notice other facets of the lifestyle and make gradual changes. You'll begin to notice less concerns in other areas of your life, which creates an atmosphere for healing!


#CompassionForHealing - Use my hashtag to tag me in your kindness, positive, and compassion photos and posts on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. Check out my social media pages by clicking on the social media buttons on this site.


Becoming more compassionate changed my life tremendously! I tell people that every moment and decision of my life has lead me to where I am today. Essentially, this is true for all of us! I stopped believing in mistakes a long time ago, within reason, of course! You are reading this because it is exactly what you should be reading in this moment (that is unless of course you're on company time and should be finishing up a report right now)! But you get the picture ... this is information and advice that you need for YOUR life.


My programs are perfect to get you back on track or to stay on track and to get on with it ... to get on with LIFE that is! Schedule your consultation today so that we can discuss YOUR WANTS and YOUR NEEDS! Its time to do something for YOU! Its time to finally conquer your goals! Whether you need some new eating habits, a dose of encouragement and positive thinking, a few scrumptious vegan food ideas, to explore an alternate route to healing, help restructuring your goals or career advice ... I'm here to help you work through it!

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