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How To Eat Vegan On A Budget!

It's super easy to eat vegan on a budget these days! With more and more budget stores popping up and organic and non-GMO foods getting more popular, you'd be surprised at the places that carry animal-free, cruelty-free products that are even healthy for you. Here 3 easy ways to eat healthy and vegan on a budget:

1) Make a list! I know this sounds so cliché and time consuming but it really works. Taking the time to make a list of everything that you need before you leave home saves you time once you are out. Sticking to your list, is single handedly one of the best ways to watch your budget. But beware of the trials that will get you off course. Never go out to shop while you are hungry. When you are hungry, you are less likely to stick to your list. When you don't stick to your list, you'd be shocked at how much the throw-ins add up to. One dollar here, two bucks there can sometimes double your bill and that takes away from money you could have for something else.

2) Check the budget stores! When people think of vegan, they think they have to go to the most expensive stores to make their purchases. This isn't true. Most local supermarkets and grocers have a vegan and/or organic "section". And if you don't see one, perhaps you're overlooking it. Take a moment to ask the grocery manager or customer service representative in your local store. Many grocers will order the product you are looking for especially if you are willing to be a returning customer for it. Also consider dollar stores and budget stores. They may carry items such as peanut butter, rice, pasta, beans, and water for cheaper than the market. Finally, don't count out Farmers Markets for fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables. They often have remarkable prices and specials. In time, you'll know all the shortcuts and places on where to go to get everything you need right within your price range!

3) Join a coupon app! I have a friend who introduced me to an app that I happened to like much better than clipping coupons. Years ago, I used to be an avid coupon lady but I must admit it was so time consuming and life is much busier now than it was then! :-) Plus, paper coupons don't last half as long as they used to. With some apps, you can get paid for referring people and you can get money back on some purchases. You will need to pick the app that's right for you but if you're a food shopaholic, it may be a worthwhile find. Check out this link to see the coupon app I use and to even download it for yourself! www.berrycart.com

In the end, if you still think eating vegan is expensive, take an inventory on how much over the counter medicines you buy and how many trips to the doctor you've made. Eating healthier in and of itself helps you save on some of those pesky medical expenses. Sign up for FREE as a member on my website and join the member forum, for exclusive member content! You'll get more info there on recipes, brands, foods, veganism, budgeting, home remedies, and more! Happy Eating! -CRA/TCK

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