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Initial Consultation

  • 15 minutes
  • Phone

Service Description

In a world where you are penny pinched for every dime and dollar and prices are gouged at every turn, you'll get a private, uninterrupted 15 minute phone consultation FREE of charge ($45 value)! This is free so that you can get all of the facts about the program and services, get all of your immediate questions answered, and for all parties to see if you have what it takes to put in the work that is required to get the results you desire! Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey? Book your free consultation today! *** Important Points*** 1) This is a phone call. All you need for the free consult is a phone. Paper and pen are suggested as well so that you can take notes during the call. Web, Skype and/or Zoom appointments are reserved for after we are hired. 2) Once you schedule online, you will be contacted at your appointment time using the number you provided when you scheduled. Please allow up to a 10 minute window for the coach to call as coaches sometimes get caught up with other clients. 3) Please have all of your questions written down and ready for your consult. The coach will take a minute to introduce themselves but otherwise the floor is yours. However, you don't want to spend this time on telling stories and divulging information that can be discussed later. This time is literally for you to be able to hear the coaches voice, determine compatibility and/or get answers to your burning questions about services or costs. 4) You may find it helpful to take the time to explore the website before your consultation so that you know exactly what you want to ask. Ask the coach any specific questions that you have that may help you to determine if you will move forward in the process. You may have a question about something that you don't see on the site. This is the time to ask. 5) It is at the coaches discretion to give grace about ending the call. If the coach calls you after your designated time, they will make up the time on the back-end of your consultation. You will not be slighted time. Likewise, please be aware of when your time is up and do not belabor the call. The coach is not obligated to spend extra time in the consult. Some of our automatic dialers may disconnect as soon as 15 minutes has lapsed. 6) The coach will send you an email or text summary of your consultation together within 72 hours. You may reply to the summary but it is not necessary. If you haven't received it within 3 days, reach out to your coach.

Contact Details

+ 1 4434946679


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