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“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.”
― Albert Einstein

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Welcome ... You Belong Here!

"Welcome to my site! I am honored that you have arrived!! 

I am here to help you to think differently and to finally meet your health/life goals once and for all! While there are some things that are universal, I have learned that different things work for different people. That's why all of my services can be individually customized to meet your specific needs! I complete a strategic assessment with each client in an effort to understand the whole picture and to maximize results. I am here to introduce and coach you through to a more compassionate, fulfilled and/or plant-based lifestyle. Think of me as your journey coach! I'll be here guiding you through to a better YOU!

I implore you to open your heart and mind. If you do, and you put forth sincere effort, your life can and will change for the better! Besides, when was the last time you made a life-enhancing change or decision for yourself? You probably take care of everyone else but yourself. I know you've heard it, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well, it's time to do something different! Go ahead ... give yourself a fighting chance! IT'S TIME!! 


Cherill R. Ashton, B.S., M.S.

Founder/CEO - "The Compassionate Kind"

Recipes & Tips 


Like most people, I have a plentiful life. I eat out sometimes (it's a myth that vegans can't eat delicious food out and that we can't find food at some restaurants. The truth is that most professional establishments have something they could serve vegans and we can usually get it fresh & made-to-order)!  Even with this in mind, most days I make healthy meals at home. I admit that it will take some planning and preparation (especially if you're a working person) but ultimately its a much healthier and cost effective way of eating and living (especially if you have a multi-person family). I'll share some of my favorite foods, brands, recipes, and tips with you (some of my own exclusive recipes and some from other greats)! Tune in often to my Blog & Forum. I'll aim to offer exciting content as often as I can but make sure to sign up, some content is for members only. You can only explore or write in the Forum if you sign up as well as see my Calendar & RSVP. And, don't forget to subscribe to the mailing list too! No worries, its free to become a member and to subscribe, so take a moment and get connected!

Vegan Food
Fruits & Veggies
Vegan Coaching, Meal Planning & Career Counseling

Coaching, career counseling, goal setting, and meal planning are among the offered services. Services are individualized based on each clients' needs. For a limited time, 15 minute consults are being offered at no cost. Click the "Book A Session" tab above for your FREE consult. Hurry, take charge of your life today!

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